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As I entered my 40's, I really felt like I was entering a new phase of my life. My babies are now kids. Kids who are in school, can have thoughtful conversations, and kids who value some solo time too. I can be a great mom and spend some time to focus on myself. 


My 40's feel different. I am focusing on my own health, happiness, relationships and my career. It really feels like the NEXT chapter of my motherhood journey and I realized that so many of my friends are in this same phase too. What I also realized is, the confidence and creativity that comes from maternity sessions are empowering and women shouldn't have to be pregnant to have these beautiful portrait sessions! And so, NEXT empowerment sessions began with a group of my own girlfriends and it was so much fun. It is time for you to celebrate your NEXT- either on your own or with your own group of gals.

Celebrate YOU and let me pamper you. NEXT sessions include professional

makeup, mimosas and refreshments. 

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